Due to the risks involved with welding, having safety measures in place is paramount for the welders involved in the process, as well as for bystanders or other employees in the immediate vicinity.

Welding curtains, constructed from PVC, and hung in panels or strips can protect against sparks, spatter and ultraviolet light and are easily customisable for your specific requirements.

We supply welding curtains to the following criteria:

  • Heavy duty ultra-violet light absorber, creating a safer working environment and offering protection against heat damage
  • Flame resistant, resistant to mildew and harsh chemicals and suitable for workshop areas where welding, cutting and grinding operations take place
  • Constructed from PVC, the material is impervious to burning should it come into contact with welding splatter
  • Welding curtains are extremely customizable for the correct fit and level of protection
  • Custom frame sizes available
  • Welding curtains are available in yellow or blue strips or sheets.