Steel Furniture Manufacturing

Metal furniture is a type of furniture that uses metal parts in its construction. There are various types of metal that can be used such as iron, aluminium and stainless steel.

Iron and steel products are extensively used in many applications ranging from office furnishings to outdoor settings; correct finishing and good polishing will add charm and character to any piece.

Cast Iron is mainly used for outdoor finishings, such as bench legs and solid iron tables. It is suited to outdoor use due to its hardness, heaviness and general tough composition. The main disadvantage to this is that it, being a relatively pure form of iron, is subject to corrosion from the moisture in the air.

Stainless Steel is used extensively for most modern interior furnishings involving metal. Many hinges, slides, supports and body pieces are composed of stainless steel. It has a high tensile strength, allowing it to be applied using hollow tubes, reducing weight and increasing user accessibility.

Aluminium is a light and corrosion resistant metal and to take advantage of these qualities it is heavily utilized for stamped and cast furniture, especially in the category of moulded chairs.

Metal furniture is a popular choice of furnishings, especially used outdoors for decks and patios. However, metal furniture can also be used indoors as besides being sturdy, it is attractive, giving a contemporary look to your home adding charm and character.

We specialise in the following Steel Furniture Manufacturing:

In addition to manufacturing work benches, point of sale displays, steel chairs, commercial and industrial furniture we will custom make steel furniture to suit your requirements.

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